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The Youth Program At Pak's Ponte Vedra Is Designed For Children From 8 To 12 Years Of Age
Fast paced full Tang Soo Do experience. This program is not watered down, that is why we run 90 minute sessions. Students practice forms, one-step sparring, free sparring and a variety of technique drills along with fitness training, to ensure they are ready for whatever the world has to offer. Students learn that KNOWLEDGE + EFFORT = RESULTS.

We use a number of strategies and activities to keep the classes interesting, while maintaining the quality of instruction. Rest assured, our students work plenty hard in order to be ready to test on time. They also know that if they do not put in the effort they may not make the test.

We break these classes into beginners sessions and advanced sessions as we find that students seem to learn better when they are learning with the whole group instead of being singled out.
Introducing Master Bill DeGrafft, Head Instructor at Pak's Ponte Vedra
Bill DEGrafft
Master instructor
Our students train very hard in these classes. Each class follows a predetermined schedule to ensure we are able to get everything done in the allotted time. 

At the same time, student are held accountable for retention of material and some practice at home. Home practice is necessary, especially at the advanced levels, since the forms and techniques are much more complicated.
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